MUSICIANS INCORPORATED pride ourselves on our wide and ever increasing spectrum of artistic styles and nationalities that represent a truly global ‘live’ artist roster.

We present unique artists to promoters and audiences on an international scale delivering seamless, cohesive world-wide tours and events that are profitable for both artists and promoters, aid managers’ strategic goals, and boost labels’ hard earned sales, all whilst raising the artist’s profile.

We offer what we believe to be a specialist service by forging long lasting, collaborative relationships in order to build strong foundations on which strategic thinking, straight talking and creativity speak volumes. By nurturing, guiding and implementing long-term and sustainable careers for new and emerging artists alongside their respective managers, our staff help fulfil the artistic and commercial potential of artists to the pinnacle of their careers.

Accomplished and with a great depth of knowledge in our field, we’ve also a passion and ability to define and shape innovative boundary-breaking shows with exciting line-ups through our broad network of festivals, mainstream, specialist promoters and private clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and South America.

We roll our sleeves up on a daily basis working all the way from negotiation to event delivery, marketing, visas, accounting, production, sponsorship, security etc., hold vocational training sessions for industry giants, deliver mammoth projects to various arts organisations, and act as consultants to several festivals, artists touring clubs, theatres throughout the year on many continents.

We’re live and the future of music is very much alive.


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